Should Colorado Close Its Borders?

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9 min readApr 5, 2020

And implement strict screening protocol.

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I personally started socially isolating on Friday, March 13th, but not to the standards that I would eventually find necessary.

My friends and I were supposed to go on a skiing trip to Aspen that weekend but, seeing how Aspen had become a hotspot for cases, decided we didn’t want to be the ones to bring it back to Denver. A few of us played cards at home that night, figuring we had seen each other already that week, so we weren’t doing any harm.

I personally saw my boyfriend and one other couple that had been socially isolating that weekend, only because they had the same standards as I. By Sunday, just two days after the cards with friends, and one day after cards with a few others, I realized it was time to buckle all the way down.

Friends left town the week ensuing, and we argued over it. The result of that argument is neither here nor there. They left, they are gone, I now own their food, and that is that.

I am here. In Denver. Living totally alone, while my parents are 1,200 miles away working in the two worst fields you can be in right now: grocery and healthcare (and a brother in the military, let’s all hope this doesn’t get to the point where he’s patrolling your neighborhood). My friends are either gone or quarantined, with the exception of seeing my boyfriend for the sole reason that neither of us are seeing anyone else, so again, not contributing to community spread.

All of this is to express the emotional toll that a border closing would take on me. That, being a transplant with transplant friends that left, this would be hard for me, too. I had plans in April for my mom to visit, May for a dear friend, the summer for many others…

Why should Coloradans be subjected to strict stay-at-home rules for April to flatten our curve, only to be reinfected by interstate commerce come May and June?

The idea came to mind over the past few days:

Colorado should close the state borders and test/quarantine travelers as they come in.



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