Thanks for your input! I never really thought about the fact that people have always been avoiding contact in public before technology. I’m not so much disappointed in sparked conversations going no where because these interactions don’t happen often enough. I have been working on being more assertive in public and extending comments to strangers, sans eye-contact.

I would have to slightly disagree that you know exactly what people’s intentions are on dating apps. Sure, they are most likely single and ready to mingle, up front. But what is never clear is what they’re looking for: a hookup, a 3 month fling, a life partner, or just a new friend. And I can’t blame them, I change up what I’m looking for week to week. It’s only been this past month that I’ve decided I’m looking for nothing in particular.

Lately I’ve been looking at Hinge as a way to experience new people so that when I feel ready to go after a commitment I really know what I want. I spend less time on the app and don’t continue with men past two days if they can’t get plans on the calendar by then. The book in a bar experiment has not commenced yet, but is still on the to-do list of trials and errors. I will certainly be writing about it once I’ve given it a proper shot.



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Abigail Walker

Type-A gal that’s trying “not having a plan” in a new state. Degrees in History & International Affairs. Freelance content creation.